George Troxell Motter (1842-1903) was born in Emmittsburg April 5, 1842. He studied medicine in Emmittsburg, at the University of Maryland, and in Nashville, TN. During the Civil War Motter served as an assistant surgeon for the US Army. He lived in Taneytown until his death January 16, 1903.

The daughter of Thomas Rudisell, owner of the tannery in Taneytown, Mary Louise Rudisell was born in 1842 and died in 1936.

Married on June 3, 1869, Dr. George T. and Mary L. Motter had two daughters, Anna and Virginia. The couple settled in Taneytown. After Thomas Rudisell purchased the parsonage property from the Baltimore Presbytery in 1871, he deeded it to George and Mary. It is believed that the Motters built the Georgian-style home that still stands today onto the pre-existing structure. The home was clearly built in stages, with the original stone structure and two-story kitchen/room still in use.