Room to work

Business travelers will feel at home at Georges on York. With free WiFi, desks and well-lit comfortable rooms, you can stay in touch with clients or the home office, and sit down to breakfast before meetings and factory tours.

After a busy day, settle in to watch a game in private or stream the latest binge-worthy show. Large, open public spaces offer room for off-site meetings, training sessions or retreats for small groups. 

Welcome to Georges on York Bed & Breakfast Inn where coffee is served in a mug not a tea cup, and the furniture is meant to be used not just admired. You won't find any lace doilies here. 

Styled for today’s traveler, Georges on York offers guests comfortable elegance while evoking the past. Historic meets contemporary in this newly remodeled post-Civil War home, featuring five guest rooms, free WiFi, private parking and full breakfast. You’ll have room to explore, celebrate, taste, learn and, even work, when you stay in Carroll County’s newest inn.